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History of area

SOHO BECAME THE HEART OF CENTRAL LONDON as the city spread from the east to link to the new mansions of the west that were being built around the garden squares of St James’ Square, golden Square, Soho Square, hanover Square and Berkeley Square. It is these squares that form the focal points of the East Mayfair / West Soho district, built on lands owned by various aristocratic families and derived from the Crown Estates that were once the hunting grounds of henry vIII.

The area of East Mayfair / West Soho has been the true centre of creative London in terms of the arts, theatre, fashion, retailing and restaurants. From the development of Regent Street and Oxford Street into major retailing streets in the 1830s, Bond Street and Savile Row in the 1900s and Carnaby Street in the 1960s it has always been at the heart of retailing and fashion. The art world, focused around the Royal Academy, was established in the 18th Century and as a result artists, poets and designers emerged or were attracted to the area including Wiliam Blake, Shelley, Byron and Canaletto; all of whom lived within a few minutes walk. In the course of time the area has grown into a centre for exclusive art galleries, retail, shops and some of the most exclusive residential apartments in London.